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Introduction to Credit

In a society where electronic commerce is more prevalent than ever, credit scores are becoming more important to everyone. No longer are credit scores used solely to determine interest rates but now impact other areas of finance and life. This includes the following.

  • Auto Loan Approval / Rate
  • Mortgage / Lender Acceptance & APR
  • Rental Acceptance / Tenant Terms
  • Insurance Premiums
  • Employment / Contractor Status

There are potential more impact areas; however these are the primary ones that affect most Americans. This can be amplified if the consumer is a business owner, student or senior citizen.

"Is your credit score just an invisible number? For some people very poor credit equals denial of loan, loss of coverage and unemployment. Even if extended a loan, how much will poor credit cost over a 5 year auto loan or a 30 year mortgage? The answer is thousands of dollars and perhaps a decreased standard of living." -

Credit scores are commonly used by all lenders and are becoming more prominent with employers, insurers, landlords, as well as cell phone and utility companies. The reality is that a credit score is black and white. It is a mathematical formula that allows lenders to make a quick decision on the consumer's ability to repay a loan, mortgage or credit card.

Pros & Cons of Credit Scoring

Supporters of the system argue that it does not discriminate based on race, sex, etc. Those opposed to the system point out that credit scores fail to take tragedies such as medical emergencies or loss of employment into consideration. Although credit scoring is considered nondiscriminatory, many are skeptical that low-income workers, minorities and other segments of the population who can not access credit cards and mortgages may score lower than others. Another major concern is that the accuracy of credit reporting is not a priority of the major credit bureaus and is thus suspect.

Top 5 Credit Repair Questions

  1. How can I fix my credit score?
  2. How do I verify the accuracy of my credit report?
  3. Is credit repair a scam?
  4. Is it legal to hire a credit repair company?
  5. Can I repair my own credit?

We will answer this questions and more on this website, however if you would like a solution quickly feel free to call our credit repair hotline and speak to a specialist right away. Call 888-586-7099

Consumer Legal Credit Rights

Luckily the law favors the consumer and statues such as The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) allow individuals to dispute items that are incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete, out of date or unverifiable. Furthermore, The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 which amended the Fair Credit Reporting Act, requires the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other federal financial agencies to study and report to Congress on both credit scoring and accuracy.

While many agencies and unscrupulous companies have used the lure of unverifiable to charge legitimate items on credit reports, the fact remains that if the credit bureaus and lenders / creditors cannot validate items, the law states they must be removed.

While these are positive legal actions that help the consumer, the do not guarantee accuracy of credit reports. In addition neither the FTC nor the credit bureaus have the resources or capacity to help each and every consumer with their individual credit report. This is where companies repair companies, law firms and attorneys come in.