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Arizona Attorneys For Credit Repair

We have designed our service for those who wish to receive assistance in obtaining their credit report, identifying the discrepancies and challenging them with the credit bureaus. We have a swift and easy online and over the phone process that allows us to keep the process fast, simple and inexpensive for our customers. While we believe this service will work for a majority of people looking for help, we also know that not everyone will use our services.

For those who can afford to hire an attorney on retainer and may have special request or need additional support, we have compiled a list of valley attorneys and law firms that can help you with these special requests. You will find listed below the names of reputable attorneys and firms who can help you with credit issues and other related consumers legal affairs.

We urge you however before contacting one of these lawyers, please reach out to us first and received a free consultation to see if we can help you first. There is a good chance we can save you time and money. Call 888-586-7099 to find out now.

Lawyer List

Listed below are qualified Arizona attorneys who can help you with your unique credit repair case.

  • Scott Goldberg
  • Rochelle Belnap
  • Bennett Cooper
  • Gerald Shelley
  • Catherine Guastello
  • Lori Winkelman
  • Floyd Bybee
  • Brian Sirower
  • Tracy Essig
  • Kent Cammack
  • Ryan Lee
  • John Harris
  • Timothy Strong
  • Christopher McNichol
  • Isaac Gabriel
  • Leslie Hendrix
  • Robert Harris
  • Peter Kozinets
  • Scott Klundt
  • Sandra Sanders
  • Eve Benger
  • Charles Smith
  • Christopher Forbes
  • Ralph Harris
  • Madeleine Wanslee


Arizona Law Firms

Additionally here are four law firms that specialize in credit repair and related consumer law.

  1. Pew Law Center PLLC - Mesa, Arizona
  2. McCarthy Law PLC - Phoenix, Arizona
  3. The Deneau Law Firm, PLLC - Scottsdale, Arizona
  4. Lexington Law - Tucson, Arizona