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Credit repair and credit counseling are often confused as the same or a similar topic, however they are very different. While credit repair deals with improving a credit report through the legal dispute process of inaccurate items on that report, credit counseling has to do with education consumers on debt management and how to plan an effective budget. While both concepts fall within the realm of negative equity education, they are wholly different in nature.

Credit counseling also known as debt management is the process of creating a financial plan to pay back debts and get back on track. This often leads to one of two potential outcomes for the debtor:

1.) Consolidation Loan: If the borrower qualifies the debts will be lumped into one account and paid at a lower interest rate. (This process actually negatively effects credit)

2.) Bankruptcy: If the borrower is unable to repay debts, insolvency is declared and either Chapter 7 or 13 BK filed with an appropriate Arizona attorney.

One of the reasons that credit counseling has become very popular in Arizona and in the United States as a whole is the tough economic times that have forced many people into bankruptcy. In Arizona, credit counseling must be completed from an approved agency. Below are the official words according to The United States Bankruptcy Court for The District of Arizona website.

"Did you complete credit counseling from a US Trustee approved credit counseling agency and receive your credit counseling certificate? Your certificate must be filed with your bankruptcy petition!" -

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